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#1065 fac bar load when a new fac is built is too high, if many facs already exist defect major BAR
#1066 implement maxfacs and maxbuildbuttons in facbar Bluestone defect major BAR
#1069 [f=0007547] Error: division by zero (in scripts/armspid.cob:UnitSpeed at 47a) defect major BAR
#1074 Bgu playerlist presents a large chili load enhancement minor BAR
#1075 terrain shadows are disfigured defect major BAR
#1077 re-implement interpolation in lock camera Bluestone defect major BAR
#1078 Fix bloom enhancement major BAR
#1081 Reduce GC load with MaxLuaGarbageCollectionTime = 1.5 Bluestone enhancement minor BAR
#1084 Constructors cant assist buildings under construction with right click defect major BAR
#1087 bgu_sInfo error in commandschanged Bluestone defect major BAR
#1098 sInfo darkens the build pic too much enhancement trivial BAR
#1099 enemy buildings under construction glow defect major BAR
#1103 Core buildpics - are they better now? beherith enhancement major BAR
#1104 Bar construction progress is blicking defect minor BAR
#1105 Display CORE faction in lobby client enhancement minor BAR
#1107 music gets 'unpaused' when action is intense enhancement minor BAR
#1109 make sinfo text scale with view size Bluestone defect major BAR
#1122 Tagged notes on the map aren't in green color in console... enhancement minor BAR
#1131 LuaUI/Widgets/bgu_playskirmish.lua"]:390: attempt to index local 'info' (a nil value) defect minor BAR

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1046 Widget that draws the commander on start point before game start culls wrong faces defect major BAR
#1095 fix engine grass shader engine bug major BAR
#1111 Unit VEH-Cons struck and placed in wrong Y direction on lab output defect major BAR
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