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#504 gui_chili_funks_optionMenu.lua does huge string concats in widget:AddConsoleLine enhancement major fixed
#555 gui_chili_funks_optionMenu.lua always visible, f11 doesnt work. Funkencool defect major fixed
#558 Chili minimap too dark defect major fixed
#588 Chilli UI oddness - default ui looks enhancement major fixed
#591 gui_chili_funks_console.lua StackPanel spikes CPU when there are many messages in console defect major fixed
#699 BAR uniticondist and unitLODdist default to 0 defect major fixed
#713 F11 in options menu only closes it if 'interface' tab is selected enhancement major fixed
#782 Resource bar decimal place is wrong if E income >1000 defect major fixed
#949 In build menu, group units in a different group from factory Bluestone enhancement major fixed
#559 Chili Funk's Selection menu takes 30 mb lua-ram enhancement minor wontfix
#560 Make Tooltip unit types clickable. enhancement minor fixed
#561 Chili options menu can only be shown by pressing the menu button (cant be hidden) enhancement minor fixed
#565 Chilify awards screen and add to main menu as tab at end, also chilify advpllist, comcounter and lock camera defect minor duplicate
#589 Chili build menu needs cost and name in tooltip. enhancement minor fixed
#759 Factory sidebar icons have the text 'button' under them. defect minor fixed
#764 Typemap speed modifiers invisible to users enhancement minor fixed
#767 Select a default chili skin defect minor fixed
#781 Last line of chat is not shown if after gamestart you dont scroll on chat panel defect minor fixed
#786 Selection menu crash defect minor fixed
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