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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#42 Hard to distinguish between certain units beherith defect blocker fixed
#482 middle click scroll is slow defect major fixed
#545 Remove los shader and bloom shader if there is no deferred path available. beherith defect major fixed
#592 BAR static lua gadget load doubles in latest engine-develop defect major wontfix
#668 Check the sizes and scripts of all BAR units enhancement major fixed
#711 some unit icons are blank beherith defect major fixed
#717 BAR: Dual minimaps on load defect major cantreproduce
#728 test if deferred+customunitshaders is way too expensive beherith enhancement major fixed
#783 Commander sometimes refuses to spray nano particles defect major fixed
#784 Engine bug?: Units stop before getting close enough to build engine bug major cantfix
#796 Map marks not visible defect major fixed
#801 mexupg has no cursor, canceltarget has no icon defect major fixed
#853 "Chicken: Very Easy" doesn't spawn any chickens defect major worksforme
#857 shader compile error in gui_healthbars.lua defect major no change required
#900 query/aim weapon script errors nixtux defect major fixed
#907 BAR stop command on the bottom button row enhancement major fixed
#924 add ability to sInfo focus on selected unit Bluestone enhancement major fixed
#927 player list does not display spec panel of newly resigned spec Bluestone defect major fixed
#937 add mission mode to playerlist (hides most info) Bluestone defect major fixed
#942 top left selection info transparency of the unit pic looks off enhancement major fixed
#943 LOS view darkens minimap too much Bluestone enhancement major invalid
#944 Only beam laser deferred lights work, cannons and rockets dont beherith defect major fixed
#945 Side selection buttons overlap selection info widget on game start Bluestone defect major fixed
#946 Armcom laser has been accidentally replaced with lightning effect nixtux defect major fixed
#947 New commander warp-in effect is also showed on give and resurrect nixtux defect major fixed
#948 Features above a certain (small) height do not cast shadows engine bug major cantfix
#952 Loading a few buildpics simultaneously causes a perceptible judder Bluestone enhancement major fixed
#984 Corcom sinks knee deep into ground when idle beherith defect major fixed
#985 Add/update rockunit and hitbyweapon scritps for all mobiles where it counts beherith defect major fixed
#987 CheckPieceNormals for all s3o beherith defect major fixed
#988 'spSetPieceCollisionData' (invalid piece) Bluestone defect major fixed
#989 [f=0000000] [Texture] Warning: [LoadTexture] could not load texture "" from model "objects3d/coruwes.s3o" defect major fixed
#992 missing files? objects3d/chicken1x.s3o & objects3d/aafus_dead.s3o beherith defect major fixed
#994 [f=0006848] Warning: [CheckPieceNormals] piece "luparm" of model "objects3d/cornecro.s3o" has 1 (of 130) null-normals! It will either be rendered fully black or with black splotches! defect major fixed
#998 advunitshading off makes units dark defect major fixed
#1001 fix wake points for ships and hovers defect major fixed
#1002 gl.UnitShape draws the wrong stuff defect major fixed
#1008 chicken unitpics are upside down defect major fixed
#1010 airbase gadget Bluestone defect major fixed
#1011 BAR selected units visualizer Bluestone enhancement major fixed
#1012 widget options don't handle add/remove widget correctly defect major fixed
#1014 start boxes aren't drawn defect major fixed
#1015 some aircraft landing on airbases end up partially/fully inside the airbase model beherith defect major fixed
#1017 minimap is too dark Bluestone defect major fixed
#1023 make sInfo show something for features Bluestone defect major fixed
#1029 update lups defect major fixed
#1030 give all results in invisible units defect major cantfix
#1034 Cant issue commands on bgu_sMenu until I /luaui reload defect major no change required
#1045 make widget handler use r_ipairs Bluestone task major fixed
#1059 the map goes black when i order to build a wind turbine beherith defect major fixed
#1063 merl and tortoise can't turn corners defect major fixed
#1065 fac bar load when a new fac is built is too high, if many facs already exist defect major fixed
#1066 implement maxfacs and maxbuildbuttons in facbar Bluestone defect major fixed
#1069 [f=0007547] Error: division by zero (in scripts/armspid.cob:UnitSpeed at 47a) defect major fixed
#1075 terrain shadows are disfigured defect major cantfix
#1077 re-implement interpolation in lock camera Bluestone defect major fixed
#1078 Fix bloom enhancement major fixed
#1084 Constructors cant assist buildings under construction with right click defect major fixed
#1087 bgu_sInfo error in commandschanged Bluestone defect major fixed
#1099 enemy buildings under construction glow defect major fixed
#1103 Core buildpics - are they better now? beherith enhancement major fixed
#1109 make sinfo text scale with view size Bluestone defect major fixed
#563 Hide all empty pieces in COB:Create() beherith enhancement minor fixed
#564 Separate tips and game title from current loadpictures enhancement minor no change required
#576 Credits page enhancement minor fixed
#577 Some units (like maverick, hammer) lack muzzle flashes defect minor fixed
#622 Add a flashing button to leave FPS view if FPS view is active enhancement minor fixed
#704 BAR: loading music enhancement minor fixed
#716 BAR launched with spring.exe spams "socket timed out" from bgu_open_hosts.lua:246 defect minor fixed
#751 What to do with weapon definitions in /weapons? defect minor fixed
#754 Cost of selected units is not displayed intuitively enhancement minor fixed
#756 command buttons should have a fixed order and highlight curently selected enhancement minor fixed
#758 desaturate airlos without radar beherith enhancement minor fixed
#762 sometimes bloom is too bright beherith defect minor fixed
#763 The special ground plates under factories, Keep or remove? enhancement minor fixed
#766 armatlas tops are too light colored; excessive bloom. beherith enhancement minor fixed
#792 sInfo should contain more info about units Bluestone enhancement minor fixed
#804 Chillify defense range UI - or move it into options menu defect minor fixed
#859 healthbars shader interferes with lups defect minor fixed
#966 ProjectileDestroyed widget side callin enhancement minor cantfix
#968 Selection menu presents a large load each time a command is issued Bluestone defect minor fixed
#1007 commands fx gl.UnitShape doesn't fade beherith defect minor fixed
#1018 cmd menu can overlap player list defect minor fixed
#1019 hotkeys don't show in sMenu defect minor fixed
#1022 ownerExpAccWeight is negative in weaponDef defect minor no change required
#1050 Free fusion mod option Bluestone enhancement minor fixed
#1062 Pressing pause in the music widget (top right) throws chili error: [f=0002387] [Chili] Error: Tried to show a non-child (image1220) defect minor fixed
#1074 Bgu playerlist presents a large chili load enhancement minor fixed
#1081 Reduce GC load with MaxLuaGarbageCollectionTime = 1.5 Bluestone enhancement minor fixed
#1104 Bar construction progress is blicking defect minor duplicate
#1105 Display CORE faction in lobby client enhancement minor fixed
#1107 music gets 'unpaused' when action is intense enhancement minor fixed
#1122 Tagged notes on the map aren't in green color in console... enhancement minor fixed
#1131 LuaUI/Widgets/bgu_playskirmish.lua"]:390: attempt to index local 'info' (a nil value) defect minor no change required
#761 remove the individual los/bloom widgets beherith task trivial fixed
#958 Active/passive, land/fly, land at 30/50/80 buttons not updating immediately. enhancement trivial fixed
#999 chonsole suggestion overlapping defect trivial fixed
#1098 sInfo darkens the build pic too much enhancement trivial fixed

Status: new (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#1046 Widget that draws the commander on start point before game start culls wrong faces defect major
#1095 fix engine grass shader engine bug major
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