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(edit) @5847   3 years abma make symlinks normal files
(edit) @5845   3 years Floris particle explosions: improved code + config
(edit) @5844   3 years Floris commands_fx: tweak
(edit) @5843   3 years Floris commands_fx: line gets thinner when it fades away
(edit) @5842   3 years Floris particle explodions: removed seperate files for colors, included in main …
(edit) @5841   3 years Floris ba los colors widget - small fix
(edit) @5840   3 years Floris energy conversion widget: added number type check
(edit) @5839   3 years Floris removed bet gadget
(edit) @5838   3 years Floris commands fx: now lines arent fully transparant in between the arrows
(edit) @5837   4 years Floris selfd icons dont show in f5 mode
(edit) @5836   4 years Floris unitscripts: base now shatters
(edit) @5835   4 years Floris unitscripts: reverted changed + added NOHEATCLOUD
(edit) @5834   4 years nixtux Update exptype.h (Add's missing cob definitions for NOHEATCLOUD)
(edit) @5833   4 years Floris particle effects adjustements
(edit) @5832   4 years Floris unitscripts: stripped the lines with 'explode '
(edit) @5831   4 years ForbodingAngel Fixed a possible bug where someone chooses domination and there is a …
(edit) @5830   4 years Floris various particle effect adjustments
(edit) @5829   4 years Floris reverted cahnge: added killed function againin units scripts
(edit) @5828   4 years ForbodingAngel Rename gui selbuttons so that it is a bit more descriptive
(edit) @5827   4 years ForbodingAngel Fix doubled sfxtypes
(edit) @5826   4 years ForbodingAngel Uncomment lines that check to see if CV is disabled or enabled.
(edit) @5825   4 years ForbodingAngel Add new modoption to double the number of CV points on a map Fixed some …
(edit) @5824   4 years Floris more particle fx changes
(edit) @5823   4 years Floris options: added luashaders enabled check for advmap/modelshading
(edit) @5822   4 years Floris options bugfix: now rememebrs advmp/modelshading on restart
(edit) @5821   4 years Floris more generic explosion and trails edits
(edit) @5820   4 years Floris some particle effects edited
(edit) @5819   4 years ForbodingAngel Add utilities to BA Add lups nanospray
(edit) @5818   4 years Floris commanders buildradius now the same as the t1 cons
(edit) @5817   4 years ForbodingAngel Change effect for comm death
(edit) @5816   4 years ForbodingAngel Make missiletrail a tiny bit more color appropriate
(edit) @5815   4 years ForbodingAngel Helps when you don't misspell things…
(edit) @5814   4 years ForbodingAngel CHange missile trails for Rapier and Karganeth
(edit) @5813   4 years ForbodingAngel Update missiletraai and shell explosions
(edit) @5812   4 years ForbodingAngel Revert this back just so we can see it in context :-)
(edit) @5811   4 years Floris mall adjustment to samson/slasher fx
(edit) @5810   4 years Floris changed effects for samson and slasher
(edit) @5809   4 years ForbodingAngel Add projectile explosions to all weapons
(edit) @5808   4 years Floris controlvictory: doesnt closes toolip at gamestart any longer
(edit) @5807   4 years Floris controlVictory: added scoreboard tooltip on mouseover
(edit) @5806   4 years ForbodingAngel Add domination score amount modoption Update text on the tip screen
(edit) @5805   4 years Floris changed bmp taskbar icon to png
(edit) @5804   4 years Floris pausescreen: updated
(edit) @5803   4 years Floris options: doubled max value of particles
(edit) @5802   4 years Floris pausescreen tweak
(edit) @5801   4 years Floris highlight unit + highligh selected units slightly less bright
(edit) @5800   4 years Floris bloom: minor adjustment
(edit) @5799   4 years Floris bloom shader: prettier and works better on various bright maps
(edit) @5798   4 years ForbodingAngel Missed a couple, added hit effects for their weapons
(edit) @5797   4 years ForbodingAngel Add projectile hit effects to various units
(edit) @5796   4 years ForbodingAngel CEGTAG ALL DA MISSILETRAILZ!
(edit) @5795   4 years ForbodingAngel Add missile trail effects to a few units
(edit) @5794   4 years ForbodingAngel Fix old CEGs Restore unit explosion damage for important units (E.G. Comm, …
(edit) @5793   4 years ForbodingAngel Get rid of old and useless resources.lua and replace with a proper one. …
(edit) @5792   4 years Floris mapmarks: enlarged effect size slightly
(edit) @5791   4 years Floris map edge extension: possible ati fixes (copied from zk)
(edit) @5790   4 years Floris controlVictory: added scoreboard window
(edit) @5789   4 years Floris added controlpoint minimap example image
(edit) @5788   4 years Floris controlvictory: gaia no longer captures + pregame info window + tweaks and …
(edit) @5787   4 years Floris bloom: tweaks
(edit) @5786   4 years Floris bloom: added api controls
(edit) @5785   4 years Floris bloom shader: cleanup and added highlight bloom (more expensive now)
(edit) @5784   4 years Floris pause screen: less bright background shading
(edit) @5783   4 years Floris bloom: improved slightly
(edit) @5782   4 years Floris pausescreen: removed spring logo + squares + added shader to decolorize …
(edit) @5781   4 years Floris darken map widget: doesnt darken different drawmodes such as f1 heightmap
(edit) @5780   4 years ForbodingAngel Add modoption for fixed hitspheres (requires firethroughfriendly enabled)
(edit) @5779   4 years ForbodingAngel Add music because, yes please! Add music Volume Widget
(edit) @5778   4 years Floris VERSION{V9.46}
(edit) @5777   4 years Floris options: full slider length usable + enables LuaShaders? when enabling …
(edit) @5776   4 years Floris ready / subbutton made button border smaller
(edit) @5775   4 years Floris controlvictory tweaks
(edit) @5774   4 years Floris controlVictory gadget: more clear in minimap and cleanup
(edit) @5773   4 years Floris controlvictory gadget: optimisations
(edit) @5772   4 years Floris controlVictory gadget improved visuals
(edit) @5771   4 years ForbodingAngel Add modoption to allow small trees/rocks/units to not block unit pathing …
(edit) @5770   4 years Floris subbutton bugfix
(edit) @5769   4 years ForbodingAngel Add modoption to allow units to fire through other friendly units.
(edit) @5768   4 years Floris ailoaded: added spaceso its changed for forboding angel
(edit) @5767   4 years Floris options: shadows has slider or toggle, if shadow quality manager widget is …
(edit) @5766   4 years Floris subsittute button: if isreplay it disables
(edit) @5765   4 years Floris options: resorted options + removed advsky + added CrossAlpha? option
(edit) @5764   4 years Floris options: removed high-res los option, added commands fx option
(edit) @5763   4 years Floris options: only include widget toggle option if widget exists
(edit) @5762   4 years Floris options: combiled fps,clock,gamespeed options, added lups + xrayshader …
(edit) @5761   4 years Floris options: can toggle widgets: bloom, guishader, projectile lights, snow, …
(edit) @5760   4 years Floris flash tank: stripped burst fire, now its continuesly firing (no balance …
(edit) @5759   4 years Floris fixed controlvictory gadget
(edit) @5758   4 years Floris set limitscore default at 2500
(edit) @5757   4 years Floris added control points gadget (with its modoptions) + added modoption …
(edit) @5756   4 years Floris options: scrool zoom soeed now can set inverse scrolling
(edit) @5755   4 years Floris removed bloom highlights widget
(edit) @5754   4 years Floris ready/substitute button slightly smaller
(edit) @5753   4 years Floris options: fixed highres los and adv sky options
(edit) @5752   4 years Floris options: fixed decals and screen-edge-move options
(edit) @5751   4 years Floris discord: fixed first 60 seconds wasnt clickable
(edit) @5750   4 years Floris ready/subbutton alignment tweak
(edit) @5748   4 years Floris VERSION{V9.45}
(edit) @5747   4 years Floris discord icon: forgot to remove debug cahnge
(edit) @5746   4 years Floris discord icon: onclick it will make you say the invite link
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