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(edit) @5851   3 years Bluestone remove dead losMul and airLosMul
(edit) @5704   4 years Bluestone fix weapondefs in units not going through alldefs_post remove duplicated …
(edit) @5422   4 years abma fix case no. two: according to …
(edit) @5421   4 years abma fix #1105, wrong case of sidedata
(edit) @5419   4 years beherith BAR: play around with adding a new muzzle flash CEG for armham
(edit) @5417   4 years beherith BAR: dont hate me because instead of ripping out usedefaultexplosions, i …
(edit) @5371   4 years beherith BAR: redo heavy vec dust_cloud.lua ceg
(edit) @5138   4 years Bluestone fix #1050
(edit) @5073   4 years Bluestone fix baking to weapondefs
(edit) @5020   4 years Bluestone typo
(edit) @4293   5 years nixtux BAR :Update comgate effect
(edit) @4188   5 years nixtux BAR : Add dust cloud ceg effect for some t2 tanks, fix croc wake effect
(edit) @3917   5 years Bluestone add explosions_post.lua
(edit) @3889   5 years Bluestone fix deprecated weapondefs for bar chickens
(edit) @3887   5 years Bluestone fix a bizarre and complicated issue with _post and corpses that i am too …
(edit) @3886   5 years Bluestone merge up to [3765] into bar
(edit) @3669   5 years Bluestone merge ba into bar
(edit) @3397   5 years Bluestone merge ba into bar
(edit) @3217   6 years Bluestone remove dead code
(edit) @3214   6 years Bluestone merge chickens to bar
(edit) @3059   6 years Bluestone fix #745
(edit) @2922   6 years nixtux BAR: Add Rockets Trails For Catapult
(edit) @2786   6 years Bluestone merge ba into bar
(edit) @2735   6 years nixtux BAR: Add Standby lighting effect for zeus muzzle/barrel
(edit) @2733   6 years nixtux BAR: Minor (file naming)
(edit) @2732   6 years nixtux BAR: Fix armclaw weapon aiming problems, Update panther script rear wheels …
(edit) @2725   6 years nixtux BAR: Add muzzle flare to Juggernaut
(edit) @2593   6 years Bluestone merge BA into BAR
(edit) @2378   6 years nixtux BAR: Add muzzle flare for recluse
(edit) @2331   6 years Bluestone merge BA into BAR, [2045] to [2324]
(edit) @2258   6 years nixtux BAR: New weapon effect's for armzeus
(edit) @2112   6 years nixtux BAR: Update zeus/claw splash damage ceg
(edit) @2067   6 years nixtux BAR: Add missing CD textures to resources.lua
(edit) @2044   6 years beherith BAR: merge BA trunk into BAR, revisions [1700]-[2043]
(edit) @1897   6 years nixtux BAR: Remove unneeded ceg tags
(edit) @1799   6 years beherith BAR: added a CEG effect to resurrection
(edit) @1722   6 years Bluestone update ba:r armordefs (merge didn't treat this correctly because ba:r also …
(edit) @1699   6 years beherith BAR: Merged BA trunk into BAR at revision 1698, lets hope this works…
(edit) @1519   7 years nixtux BAR: Minor Improvements to Liche Explosion
(edit) @1427   7 years nixtux BAR: Add new ceg for Liche, Temp enable dynamic lighting for full effect
(edit) @1420   7 years nixtux BAR: Give corkarg, armshock and shive the correct crushstrength v t1 dt
(edit) @1233   7 years beherith BAR: reenabled arm as a starting side.
(edit) @1181   7 years nixtux BAR: Add improved watersplash cegs,fx_watersplash gadget now has separate …
(edit) @1112   7 years beherith Massive merge or BAR_ALPHA into the BAR branch, BAR branch was an svn copy …
(copy) @1107   7 years beherith Copied BA to BAR repo for future ease of merges
copied from trunk/gamedata:
(edit) @1094   7 years nixtux Remove unneeded ceg tag , Closes #360
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